As the doors opened and students rushed in, I moved quickly to find a seat. I sat next to two girls who were already deep in conversation, and a quiet boy who seemed as lost as I. When it was time to find a classmate to talk to, I froze, dreading the awkward conversation to follow. Figuring it was better to find someone now than wait around, I quickly turned to the girl on my left, as she seemed to know what was going on better than I did. This is how I got to know Rachel.

We were both a little confused as to what our assignment was, but figured we’d piece it together along the way. Rachel is a first year, like me. She is majoring in psychology. She told me about her classes, which are mostly all steered in that direction. She took this class because it was a requirement, so it’s one of her only classes that has nothing at all to do with psychology. She only knew one person in the class, and that was the girl she had been talking with before class. This made me feel a bit more reassured with myself, because I felt as if everyone already had a group of friends, while I did not know anyone.It was a brief, but pleasant conversation. The most awkward part was getting this picture at the end.