I feel like I should start by saying this: I LOVE going to the beach! I know the purpose of this activity was to go to the beach, but sadly I just did not have the time to do so.

I have not worked with plaster since the second grade. When I asked my dad to pick some up for me at Home Depot along with some sand, I was hit with a wave of questions that would not end until the plaster was dry. Dodging his questions as much as I could, I collected my materials and got to work. The large bag of sand was a lot heavier than I thought, and about 1/4th of the sand ended up all over the floor of my living room. At this point, I already wanted to call it a day. I could have left the fake, heavy sand, and driven an hour away to the fresh, salty air. Instead I picked up a broom.

Once I got the sand in the bucket, things were easier. Still messy, but easier. Making the mold of my hand was something that took 3 attempts. The sand collapsed the first 2 times as I removed my hand. After making a mold I was satisfied with, I got to work on the plaster. I knew it would dry fast, so I made sure to be constantly mixing it. Even then, I could feel it begin to harden in the container as I mixed it! I quickly went to my mold and slowly poured it in, careful to not destroy any fingers. Now it was time to wait.

Or in this case, clean up. I grabbed the broom again, thankful that I thought to place plastic on the floor this time. I rinsed away the remaining plaster that had dried on the walls of the container. The plaster wasn’t fully dry yet when I was done, so I did work for another class also due this weekend. Hours later, my dad came home and reminded me by asking another round of questions. I went back and dug up my cast carefully, having read about fingers breaking off. I held up my creation: a Sandman look-alike. Two of the fingers had fused together. I was disappointed; my dad was unamused. I grabbed an old paintbrush and tried to see how bad the fingers were. After a few minutes of brushing, I realized most of the space between the fused fingers was actually sand! I brushed off as much as I could.

The final piece was a small hand with short, weirdly bent fingers. I was proud.