This week, I quickly learned that in order to be guaranteed a seat, you must be early. If you’re arriving on time, you’re late. Khanh and I learned this the hard way, as I was given the last seat and Khanh, who arrived later, was left to stand.

Khanh is a second year student, studying to major in computer science. When I asked him why he chose that major, he told me about his hobby from high school. He used to fix and work with laptops on his spare time. He would dedicate lots of time to this, sometimes staying up as late as 1am just to make sure the device was working properly.

He told me he originally wanted to be an engineering major, but he was more fascinated by computers than he was by the salary of an engineer. However, when I told him about my interest for a math major, he tried to steer me in the direction of an engineering major. Clearly, his interest has not faded completely.

We talked about calculus 1 and 2 for a brief period, which was unusual for me because I haven’t met many students outside of my math classes who could fully understand what I was talking about. He knew more about it all than I did, as he has taken and passed these courses. I hope to meet more students like Khanh throughout my time at CSULB.

Khanh’s website can be found at: