While reading this assignment, I was really excited. The hardest part was choosing someone to send it to, as I had multiple people in mind. I decided to send this to my friend, Ashley, because I see her the least often as she goes to UC Santa Barbara. I had lots of fun putting the items together; lots of them were based on things we had done together and some were things I had done with our friends at home. I also took advantage of having to pay to ship this package and included some little gifts I had picked up for her.

I’m sure she might think some, if not most, of these items are trash or have no value, but I’d like to hope she sees that I’m thinking of her even if we don’t talk much. I’ve had a couple of these mementos since middle school, so although they are useless, they hold value to me, and they might bring up happy memories for her. I also included my highschool art class sketchbook, mainly because I felt I needed some standard art in there, but also because I had drawn some pictures of Harry Potter symbols, which I knew she loved.


Sending an ACP is similar to sending a Snapchat in the sense that both the ACP and the Snap are sent to specific people for their enjoyment. The difference though is, of course, the time. In a Snap, you can see when the recipient has received your message and can wait for a reply. Mailing is risky because you have no idea when the person opened your package, or if they even received it. Most/all of the items were not the standard type of art, but it has the ability to make people feel similarly to “real” art. Art in a museum is personal to the artist and might not be understood by everyone who sees it. The art in my ACP in personal to both Ashley and I, and it will be understood by us and the few friends who see it.

The feelings in an ACP is something that a Snapchat cannot usually capture. Having a physical object that you can see in detail and hold in your own hands can bring up emotions and feelings that a picture cannot. The object might have a certain scent or texture that cannot be captured in an image. However, sometimes it is more practical to send a snap when the object is 3 times your size, or perishable in less than 3 to 5 business days.

This might have been more enjoyable if I hadn’t had to ask for her mailing address in order to send it, as it would have been more of a surprise then.