This week’s project honestly seemed like it would have been a liberating experience on paper, but in reality it was a little awkward. I want to say it’s his judgmental personality that made this difficult, but I think it would have been just as strange with anyone else I know. I had to explain the project to Silvestre 3 times, and then show him the beacharts¬†link so he would finally understand and do the project with me. I already knew it wouldn’t go well, him being unable to do something without a purpose, and me being too tense therefore not being able to relax in my own room.


We chose a black prismacolor so I would be able to go back and fill in the paper at a different time. I grabbed a cutting board to place the paper on, the the paper was a lot larger than I thought so we flattened out a cardboard box. We sat down facing each other and tried to place the board between us. When it came time to draw, the pencil did not move. At all. For 5 minutes. This was long enough for Silvestre, who complained his wrists were hurting, let go of the pencil a few times, and it would never move. I figured it would move easier if we were distracted and not just staring at each other, so I got up and put on Bob’s Burgers on Netflix. I sat back down and hoped for the best. I felt him start to lead the way.

We “started” several times, as shown by the numerous black dots.

My plan worked, we mindlessly let the pencil stroll around the paper as we were focused on the tv. A few times we thought it would take ages to fill enough space, so in between episodes I felt Silvestre make an effort to move the pencil on his own. This ended up being pretty noticeable on the paper, as there were sudden, dark, smoother lines. I did not end up going back to color it in, but I think I might in the near future, when Silvestre isn’t around to judge my art class.


All in all, it wasn’t a terrible expereince. It was funny to see him all worked up over something that had no meaning to him. I kept making jokes to try and lighten the mood, and I learned what makes him laugh and what doesn’t. I can see how this is an intimate activity. I personally wouldn’t do this again, at least not with him. When it was over, we got to eat snacks and watch Bob’s Burgers, so it was all alright.