My friend Rosie has been bugging me since high school to go to little Tokyo with her, and while I was interested, she is a little too adventurous for me. As I read about the book fair, it seemed like a great intro to the area. I went on Sunday and the first thing I noticed was the line. I was not expecting so many people, honestly I don’t know what I was expecting, but luckily it went by quickly. Stepping inside, I was amazed by the amount of people inside. Moving through the building was like going through a maze. It was an overwhelming amount of art to take in, so I spent a lot of time just walking until I found a few pieces that caught my eye.


One of the sections that caught my eye was by Hat & Beard Press. The first thing that made me walk towards their table was the quote on the wall that read “BUY MORE BOOKS”. There was a book titled “I’m Bored” with some incredibly witty images,that I found hilarious.


As I was leaving, one exhibit near the exit caught my eye, mainly because it looked familiar. It was titled Teen Angels, and displayed works from Teen Angel himself, whose real name was David Holland. The reason it was so familiar was because it was Chicano based art, centered in Southern California. It’s what I see on train rides through LA and on murals by my aunt’s house. One of the people in charge of the exhibit told me about his magazine. It was really popular in LA and people liked it because you could submit your own artwork and have it published in Teen Angel’s magazine. I was shocked when she told me he had passed away only two years ago, meaning his art was not only very popular but also recent, and I was only learning about him now. I’m glad I took the trip out to the fair and was able to experience what I did.